Specialised trainings

Thanks to cooperation with trusted providers of specialised trainings, we can offer you – in combination with 4business&people trainings – within a single master agreement and a single customer service standard more than 150 trainings that are tailored every time to the needs and challenges of the group. The trainings are aimed at providing knowledge and using it in the context of organisational challenges. An advantage of such an approach is reduction of time-consuming procurement procedures and service provider management.

Under a single agreement, we can provide you with trainings in the following areas:
1. General law and specialised issues
2. IT software skills (basic and advanced levels)
3. IT management in an organisation
4. Corporate finance and economics
5. Strategic analyses and planning
6. Organisation building
7. Crisis management
8. PRINCE2 and PMI project management
9. Process management
10. Property management
11. Personnel management
12. Lean management
13. Logistics
14. Communication with the media.
15. Increasing individual effectiveness at work