Interpersonal and managerial skills trainings

ZWhat guides us in tailoring the training to the client's needs:
1. Employees at various levels in the organisation's structure require differing combinations of skills, knowledge and attitudes to be able to work effectively.
2. A proper attitude determines the pace of learning and flexible implementation of skills into business practice.
3. Participants need a form of training that is appealing for them.
4. Trainings, workshops, measurements are not a value themselves but are aimed to facilitate acquiring qualifications. Acquisition of qualifications should be verified.
5. We realise that teaching skills to others is effective only when trainers have the skills they teach.

Distinctive characteristics:

Based on post-training surveys, the average rating of training effectiveness is 4.46 on a scale from 1 to 5.80% of the time is practical training.The RESULT methodology in training design guarantees high level of knowledge and skills transfer for implementation at work already on the day after the training.


1. Assertiveness
2. Building authority
3. Team building
4. On-the-job coaching of attitudes and skills
5. Delegating
6. Feedback
7. Interpersonal communication
8. Creativity
9. Modelling attitudes
10. Facilitation
11. Motivating
12. Sales negotiation
13. Procurement negotiation
14. Customer service
15. Employee evaluation
16. Work organisation and planning
17. Development planning
18. Burnout prevention
19. Facilitating meetings
20. Conducting trainings
21. Presentations for groups
22. Leadership
23. Recruitment
24. Retention
25. Resolving problems and conflicts
26. Toughness and resilience
27. Selling initiatives in an organisation
28. Setting goals
29. The art of disputes
30. Sales techniques
31. Telemarketing
32. Personality typology
33. Influencing
34. Managing emotions
35. Project management
36. Managing relations
37. Self-management in time
38. Team management
39. Change management
40. Termination of employees


Quality confirmation:

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