Leadership effectiveness test

In 2007, academics from the University of Hull, commissioned by the world's largest institution gathering and certifying managers globally, namely the Institute of Leadership and Management, integrated the findings of thousands of academics and practitioners researching leadership since the beginning of the 20th century. More than 200 leadership models were integrated, studied and verified to find the one that would provide knowledge on how to become an effective Leader in one's organisation at dynamically changing and insecure times. The works of the team of academics from the University of Hull was an integrated leadership model validated on 1,500 managers and an on-line tool called ILM72, which enables - based on the assumed standards - to determine not only the leadership style but also its leadership efficiency in the long term. Analysis of individual results constitutes a basis for training and coaching efforts.

Distinctive characteristics:

One of few normative tools testing the leadership style.The only test that measures long-term managerial effectiveness.Recommendations of the Institute of Leadership and Management.