Toughness and resilience study

When Dr Peter Clough defined toughness and resilience in 2002 at the Hull University, none of us realised then how important the discovery was. It soon turned out that toughness determined 68% of our effectiveness through change and challenges. In 2004, the first test for mental toughness and resilience was developed, namely MTQ48. This served as a basis for further research which showed the key importance of toughness and resilience for a professional career. Correlation was found between effectiveness, perseverance, satisfaction with life and work, optimism, realistic self-perception, controlling one's emotions such as anger or fear, and regaining balance after difficult situations. It takes 15 minutes to take the on-line test. A coaching session analysing test results takes around 1.5 hours.

Distinctive characteristics:

Testing accuracy - 68%.Stability of results - 91%..The only standardised tool in the market for measuring strength and resilience.Recommendations of the Institute of Leadership and Management.


Quality confirmation:

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