Employee/Customer Satisfaction and Commitment Survey

The survey provides information on the sources of satisfaction and commitment. It shows areas and consequences related to limited satisfaction or commitment in the organisation's structure. It serves as a basis for formulating HR policy both for the entire organisation and for specific teams. The structure of the questionnaire enables to compare satisfaction and commitment levels. The survey is also used for studying the satisfaction of internal and external customers as well as for analysing cooperation and organisational culture.

Distinctive characteristics:

„Two sides delivery" - - thanks to unique survey design, we get answers not only on satisfaction and commitment but also much information on the respondents as a community that impacts organisation's efficiency.„Smart comparison" is our approach to benchmarks and data analysis, which enables to prioritise recommendations to ensure an increase of indices in the subsequent survey.„Priceless index" includes indices that enable to estimate the opportunities and threats related to personnel and thus provide a basis for developing the organisation's HR strategy.

Quality confirmation:

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