In-depth Managerial Diagnosis

A unique combination of diagnostic tools that provides complete information on the attitudes and competencies of evaluated individuals. Thanks to its unique methodology, it reduces errors in attitude and competency measurement in managers and other employees important for the organisation. Particularly helpful in activities related to succession and selection for talent and development programmes.

Distinctive characteristics:

"Individual engagement formula" ensures individual development and business needs of the participants are met, even in large projects, which results in very high rates of engagement in the measurement and the subsequent development. The study participant is provided with structured guidelines that are very helpful in building their own career. „Measurement approach" is a proprietary approach to illustrating immeasurable concepts through numbers. It provides straightforward answers to the questions to which a regular consultant would say: "that depends...". It ensures clear guidelines and measurable justification of HR decisions. The most dynamically developing service in the 4business&people portfolio of services.


Quality confirmation:

Recommendation from BGŻ   Recommendation from PKO BP